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Want us to enhance the best version of yourself starting with brows from heaven? We welcome you to check out our Certified Calgary Microblading and other Angel and Arch PMU services. Now located at on the 4th floor Penthouse at UNION YYC off Macleod Trail in Calgary.

Want eyebrows from heaven? Angel and Arch PMU with Phibrow certified artist, Katarina Dojcinovic, want to enhance your new look and let your beauty shine. Book your appointment today!

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    Angel and Arch Services

    Certified Phibrow Artist, Katarina Dojcinovic, purpose is not to transform something less attractive into beautiful. I already see your beauty. It is my job to polish the Diamond that you already are. 

    Let your natural beauty SHINE.


    Microblading is performed using a hand tool with ultra-fine needles and each individual ‘hair’ is gently etched into the skin, giving an incredibly natural and realistic look.

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    Ombre powder brows are a popular type of permanent makeup that gives the eyebrows a soft, gradual shading by using a tattoo machine with a tiny acupuncture needle to deposit pigment into the skin.

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    Combo brows are a combination of microblading and powder brows (shading). This technique combines both hair-like strokes as in Microblading and shading into one blended result

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    Micrboblading usually lasts 1-2 years so dont waste more time and money on other brow gimmicks

    or more

    Spent on other make up and solutions during the same time.

    + HRS 

    Wasted drawing, shaping and trying to get the perfect brow look.

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    What people are saying

    Here what our Brow Angels had to say about their Beautiful Brows from Heaven!

    I’ve had several treatments over the years from Katarina. She’s so kind and welcoming, truly makes you feel at ease as soon as you enter her salon. Every time I see her she explains what’s going to happen, walks you through your procedure. Shows you expiry dates before opening products. Gives you the opportunity to make changes until your completely satisfied with your eyebrow outline. The salon is very clean and relaxing. Such a kind soul and absolutely hilarious. Thank you for everything 😊

    Lindsay McCalgary

    Katarina is amazing! From the first phone call, she was extremely approachable, professional, and easy to talk to. She happily answered all of my questions and you can tell she genuinely cares about her clients. When I arrived, Katarina took the time to read through all the paperwork, show me the equipment, and discussed before and after care with me. She also took the time to ensure the shape and color was perfect! She does really great work and I am so happy with the outcome! She is so personable as well, that I feel like I'm talking to a good friend every time I see her. She is seriously the best!

    Cara NelsonCalgary

    Katarina did an amazing job on my ombre eyebrows!! Painless and I am almost fell asleep 😀. I felt like I was in a spa! She explained everything before she started which made me feel comfortable. Its a great feeling not having to pencil in my eyebrows everyday as soon as I wake up! I highly recommend Angel and Arch and the services they offer.

    Mirjana BorjanCalgary

    I have been wanting to get my eyebrows microbladed forever! After extensive research, and looking for the right person to trust with my face, Katarina had just finished a friends brows. They were incredible! I immediately booked with her! Not only is she the sweetest person, she is fully knowledgeable on her profession, and made me feel fully informed the entire time of the process! I couldn’t recommend her more! If you want the best, look no further and book with Angel and Arch!

    Angela DiduckCalgary

    Katarina does great work! I was so nervous before my appointment but Katarina put my concerns to rest immediately. She is thorough, meticulous about cleanliness, and truly cares about her clients! My eyebrow game has never been stronger!

    Char MCalgary

    Amazing work and very meticulous!! The salon is very clean and comfortable. Your comfort is a priority throughout and she'll continue to add numbing cream to help. I couldn't be happier with my brows and would highly recommend Katarina to anyone 😊

    Aislinn CairnsCalgary

    So why wait


    Book your eyebrow discovery session with Katarina 

    Book your eyebrow discovery session where Katarina will go over the different shapes and styles that are most suitable for your skin type and face features to ensure you will be happy with the final Microbalding look


    Whether you want the natural look of Microblading, Ombre/Powder brows for a softer appeal or the Beautifully Shaded 3D look that only Combo Brows gives you... we've got you covered. Choose one of our PMU brow services today and start enjoying your perfect brows by Katarina.


    Microbladed Brows

    Semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing by hand strokes using a fine blade


    Hair-like strokes

    More realistic look

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    Ombre/Powder Brows

    Eyebrows with a fuller and more defined shape that have a gradual shaded look using micro-pigmentation


    Uses tiny dots for a more fuller/shaded look

    Make up finish-look

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    Combo Brows (best of both)

    Combo Brows is where both the Microblading technique and powder/shading are combined to create the illusion of fine eyebrow hairs and soft powder shading that resembles a more natural makeup look.


    Combination of fine hair-like strokes with micro-pigmentation dots for gradual shading

    Great for those that have sparse eyebrows and little to no hair

    Create the perfect eyebrow look, shape and arch.

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    FAQ (Our Calgary Microblading & Angel and Arch PMU Services)