Sterilization and Safety

At Microblading, we take health seriously.

We uphold the highest safety standards and raise the bar on education and safety to benefit our clients. We believe that being a microblading/permanent makeup artist is a profession of care and there are unique safety standards required in order to perform our services. With that in mind, we warrant that our studio is blood borne pathogens certified according to local city and provincial regulations. We go that extra distance to make sure our studio is the safest it can be and can be noticed as soon as you walk through our doors.

Tools and Supplies

We use 100% disposable tools, never to be reused on another client. Hand Washing We are required to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds before/after procedures.

Cleansers and Disinfectants

We use medical grade cleansers, barrier film and autoclave that keeps all bloodborne pathogens at bay to ensure the safety of our staff and clients.

Our needles are properly disposed in a government approved sharps container, never to be reused. After each procedure, we are required to properly dispose all tools and wipe down their station with medical grade cleansers. Anything that might have been touched throughout the procedure must be wiped down with this medical grade cleanser. New barrier film is replaced on any tool made out of plastic to make sure no contamination occurs. Anything made from metal (such as tweezers, scissors, etc…) are cleansed and sterilized.

Needles uses only the best tools on our clients. We use certified 1 time use microblades by Tina Davies (The most trusted microblade supplier on the market). All Harmony microblades are 100% disposable, and have been pre sterilized using EO Gas. Each needle is individually packaged and has a unique lot number and sterilization date. You can even download the certification of sterilization using the needle’s lot number to ensure your needles are in fact sterile.


Plastic can not be sanitized, therefore anything that is plastic used during our procedures is disposed or wrapped in barrier film that is replaced after each procedure. We cover our chairs and trays in plastic and replace them after each procedure.


Microblading artists are required to wear gloves throughout the entire procedure. Any time an artist removes her gloves, she is to wash her hands, and put on a fresh pair of gloves, never use the same pair twice. No artist is allowed to leave the procedure room with gloves on, even if they are clean. No gloves means hands are clean, making it safe to walk around our studio.

Drawing Tools

At AngelAndArch Microblading we use a black China marker to outline the brow design. The pencil is pre-sterilized before touching a client’s face and is wrapped in barrier film. After each procedure, artists are required to sharpen the pencil by shaving off any part that touched a client’s skin. This prevents any cross contamination.

Double Dipping

NEVER! No one is allowed to ever double dip. If an artist needs more product of any kind, they are required to use a new disposable tool. We will never put your and our health at risk, meaning we are a little extra when it comes to sanitation and sterilization.